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OTK-J2 Front-Load Family Bikes to Carry Kids and Dogs




Motor: 36V-250WBattery: 36V 12.8AHDisplay: LCD




Max Speed: 25km/hLight: LED

F Wheel: 20``

R Wheel: 26`


Take your children and pets wherever you want to go. No need to worry about fetching groceries or shopping trips during your busy schedule. Driving through town effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to park or trails.

Confidently free moving through traffic. The electric pedal assistance and 7 speed SHIMANO gear shifting guarantee a very comfortable riding experience.

The front wooden trunk design makes the whole cargo ebike look more retro.

With or without seat and belt, it is an option for owner when alteration is actually needed.

Without top tube of the frame, OTK-J2 is suitable for clients of different height.

Why choose OTK-J2

● It is a fashion transport style

● Each product is environmentally friendly

● Various short distance freight solutions

● It is always safe and offers a stable ride than conventional bikes

● Comes with a seat and a belt in the front for cargo

● The Most Advanced Rear Hub Motor

● It is more convenient for travel than cars

● Provides professional services

● Classic design and perfect performance