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Ang OTK-K1 mobile coffee shop daghang gamit ang biseklita sa kape

Suggest Retail Price 7599 USD

paghingalan, pagtinagsa

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Why choose mobile coffee bike

  • It is much cheaper than coffee bar

  • You can do everything that an ordinary coffee shop does

  • Fashionable and novel design

  • Multi-functional for hot dogs, BBQ, ice cream and so on

  • With mobile coffee bike,  just ride to find a good location

Technical Paghingalan, pagtinagsa

  • Type: OTK-K1

  • motor: 500w rear wheel motor

  • transmission: 7 gear speeds (Sunrace)

  • battery: 36V/10ah Lithium Battery

  • Ang ligid sa atubangan: 20*2.125''

  • Mga ligid sa ligid: 24* 2.25-19

  • Materyal nga: Steel frame and wooden box

  • Front Brake: Disc brake

  • Rear Brake: Disk brake(electric) Drum brake(pedal)

Include Accessories 

Electric pump system * 1

Rear storage box * 1 
500mm 655mm * * 580mm

Coffee cup holder *1

Stainless steel ice cream box * 8

Acrylic display box * 4

Electric cooling system *  1