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बच्चों और कुत्तों को ले जाने के लिए OTK-J2 फ्रंट-लोड फैमिली बाइक




मोटर: 36V-250W बैटरी: 36V 12.8AH डिस्प्ले: एलसीडी




अधिकतम गति: 25km / एच प्रकाश: एलईडी

एफ व्हील: 20``

R Wheel: 26`


OTKARGO J2 is an electric two-wheel cargo bike ideal for city cycling, it has room for two children and groceries, with the cargobike you can take your children and pets wherever you want to go. No need to worry about fetching groceries or shopping trips during your busy schedule. Driving through town effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to park or trails.

The electric pedal assistance and 7 speed SHIMANO gear shifting allows for easy cycling in traffic. The OTKARGO J2 is driven by a 250W BAFANG brushless hub motor with force sensor and 36V Samsung Lithium Battery,capable of speeds up to 25km/h. The OTKARGO J2 fits nearly every rider thanks to a low step-through frame with adjustable stem and seatpost.

The rain tent is specially designed for OTKARGO J2, protects your children against rain and cold wind. It also offers protection against bright sunlight. 


सामान्य विद्युत प्रणाली आयाम
अधिकतम चाल 25 किमी / घंटा (ईयू) मोटर बाफैंग 250W लंबाई 2755mm
हस्तांतरण 7 गियर गति प्रदर्शन एलसीडी चौड़ाई 680mm
ढांचा स्टील बैटरी 36V 12.8AH ऊंचाई 1150mm
आगे का पहिया 20 ``

पिछला पहिया 26 ``

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