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OTK-J1 36V 250W बाफांग मोटर इलेक्ट्रिक कार्गो बाइक




मोटर: 36V-250W बैटरी: 36V 12.8AH डिस्प्ले: एलसीडी




अधिकतम गति: 25km / एच प्रकाश: एलईडी

F Wheel: 20``

R Wheel: 26``


The OTKARGO-J1 is a carrier bike that lets you deliver large loads anywhere in the city quickly and easily, It will fascinate everyone.  Its sturdy design, huge loading platform allows easy maneuvers with heavy loaded.

The weight of the bicycle is 40KG, the platform is 42cm wide, 75 cm long, you can fit up to 2 small kids inside or all your groceries or 2 big dogs, whatever you want. We recommend NOT to put more than 150kg (driver included).

Our powerful electric motor systems let you make long trips with fully loaded.  The LCD display helps you keep track of the battery level, distance, speed and assistant level. All electric systems provided by OTKARGO with EN 15194 standard.

If you have a small business, you can attach a flight case box to your cargo bike. The flight case box is large, waterproof and strong, ensuring the safety of your contents. 

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Wood cargo box Metal cargo box


सामान्य विद्युत प्रणाली आयाम
अधिकतम चाल 25 किमी / घंटा (ईयू) मोटर BAFANG 250W लंबाई 2450mm
हस्तांतरण 7 gear speeds प्रदर्शन एलसीडी चौड़ाई 420mm
ढांचा स्टील बैटरी 36V 12.8AH ऊंचाई 990mm
आगे का पहिया 20 ``

वजन 40kg
पिछला पहिया 26 ``

ब्रेक Mechanic disc brake

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