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OTK-J2 Front-Load Family Bikes

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Electric cargo bicycles come in two different configurations. The first are front-loader bikes, also known as bakfiets or Long Johns, that suspend a cargo box

 between the rider and the front wheel. The other layout is a longtail, which extends the rear end of the bicycle to accommodate more bodies and gear.

what bike is best for you?

Both shapes have pros and cons. If you opt for a front-loader bike, you'll need a garage or storage space. They're also not particularly maneuverable, and take 

practice to ride at slower speeds. A longtail maneuvers more like a regular bicycle, but the weight is suspended higher up. Whenever storage isn't an issue, I 

much prefer biking my kids around in a cargo box, since I'm a smaller person who finds balancing two growing kids on a longtail to be tricky. If possible, I 

recommend making an appointment at your local bike shop to try several models before committing.

Otkargo J2 not only is the the front loading type but also with lower frame for lady to ride on it at the beginning. With out sit tube in this frame, the construction 

is not as strong as OTK-M1 and M2. However it still can loads the goods about 100KG.