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OTK-K1 Mobile Coffee Shop Multi-functional Coffee Bike




Motera: 36V-500W Batterie: 36V 10AH Asehoy: LCD




Transmission: 7 Speeds Jiro: LED

F Wheel: 20`
`R Wheel: 24``


OTK-K1 was designed to be an all-in-one solution for your mobile restaurant, all the sink, storage box, ice cream box and cup holder facing the vendors direction, you have no need to run back and forth to serve your customers with it. 

OTK-K1 coffee bike allows you to move where you want to be. The only thing you need to do is to find your target audience's location and go straight to the crowd. Whether you plan to start a coffee shop, ice cream shop, hot dog shop, juice or smoothie cart, it’s all possible with OTK-K1.

500W motor and pedal assist makes riding your bike long distances and all kinds of roads easier, so that you can take your coffee bike anywhere.

With an all new  electric cooloing system and extra large rear storage box, now you can hold and sell more product than ever before. With LED front lights and overhead roof lights, you can serve your customers at night. With 4 acrylic display boxes, you can display anything you may need.

Ampidiro ny kojakoja 

Rafitra paompy elektrika * 1

Boaty fitehirizana aoriana * 1 
500mm 655mm * * 580mm

Tompon'ny kaopy kafe * 1

LED Light *2

Boaty gilasy vita amin'ny gilasy * 8 Boaty fampirantiana acrylic * 4 Rafitra fanamafisana herinaratra * 1 Waterproof roof*1

Volavola famaritana


SISTEMANA elektrika lafiny
Akora Steel Motor 500W Length 280cm
Kodiarana teo aloha 20 * 2.125 ' Display LCD sakany
Kodiarana aoriana 24 * 2.25-19 Battery



Remina eo aloha:

Disc Brak

fonosana 270 * 110 * 143cm

Remina any aoriana:

Disk brake

Tongava mpivarotra