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OTK- M1 500W Standard Urban Electric Cargo Bike




मोटर: 48 व्ही -500 डब्ल्यू बॅटरी: 48 व्ही 11.6 एएच प्रदर्शनः एलसीडी



रिचार्ज करा

कमाल गतिः 25km / ह श्रेणीः 50-70 किमी Charge: 5-6h




प्रकाश: एलईडी लोडः 200 कि.ग्रा वजनः 43kg

यूएस $ 2499


Do you require a freight bike for commute or utility purposes? Do you intend to have something that is naturally designed to bring freight or your kids? Electric bikes are an outstanding selection for transportation for you to travel to your destination faster than using a car in highly-congested traffic. 

The OTKARGO M1 is an electric bike customized for cargo, the standard version is powerful, with better components and motors, so you can riding it anywhere without worry about losing range. The 500W hub motor cargo bike is built with the 48V 11.6Ah Lithium-Ion Battery which is designed for extreme load and long time riding. 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes provide stability and maneuverability.

The most effective attributes of the bike is the pedal-assist for effortless drive ability. It has a range up to 50km. In terms of the quality and spec, it is the best and affordable electric utility cargo bike you can buy. It is a perfect electric family bike as well as electrical delivery bike for companies.


सामान्य इलेक्ट्रिक सिस्टीम डायमेसन
मॅक्स.स्पीड 25 किमी / ता (ईयू) मोटार 500W लांबी 234cm
श्रेणी सुमारे 50-70KMS प्रदर्शन एलसीडी रूंदी 42cm
कमाल लोड 200KGS बॅटरी 48V 11.6AH उंची 90cm
शुल्क वेळ 5-6H

वजन 43kg
फ्रेम स्टील

पुढील चाक 20``

मागचे चाक 26``

विक्रेता बना