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OTK-J3 Bafang Motor 250W Electrice Cargo Trike For Family




Motor: 36V-250W बॅटरी: 36 व्ही 12.8 एएच प्रदर्शनः एलसीडी




कमाल गतिः 25km / ह प्रकाश: एलईडी

F Wheel: 20``

R Wheel: 26``


OTKARGO J3 electric cargo trike designed for active parents. The cargo bike fits nearly every rider thanks to a low step-through frame with an adjustable stem and seat post. With 36V lithium battery and 250W BAFANG hub motor, the OTKARGO J3 is ready for long family trip.

More and more families are looking for low carbon transport ways, OTKARGO is a perfect choice. The OTKARGO J3 has all the functions of a car, take your children with you to the park, or take your dog down to the beach. And the super storage space can hold all of your week's groceries.

Thanks to the pedal-assist system and 7 speeds gears, you'll have no problem riding around even the hilliest parts of your city.

With extensive storage space, protection harness, comfortable seating for kids and rain canopy, OTKARGO J3 is perfect for all of your family's transportation needs.


पावसाचे आवरण

Cushion & carpet


Bike cover

पावसाचे आवरण Cushion & carpet Front / Rear light Bike cover


सामान्य इलेक्ट्रिक सिस्टीम डायमेसन
मॅक्स.स्पीड 25 किमी / ता (ईयू) मोटार BAFANG 250W लांबी 2270mm
या रोगाचा प्रसार 7 gear speeds प्रदर्शन एलसीडी रूंदी 870mm
फ्रेम स्टील बॅटरी 36V 12.8AH उंची 1170mm
पुढील चाक 20``

मागचे चाक 26``

ब्रेक Mechanic disc brake

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