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Otkargo - Assistent biex jieħu ħsieb it-tifel / tifla tiegħek

Ħin: 2021-04-27 Viżti: 7

Nowadays, more and more family are having a second child. Normal bicycle could meet the daily needs of the family who have one child. Cargo bike comes out to solve the problem that the mother want to take two children out.

With front loading design, we can do adjustment . Add seat and belt in the front box, there is a space for two kid. In the past, the mother could only take one kid for the riding. Now, two kids are available. The seat is big enough for the kid who are under the age of 10.

Electric bicycles are safer than bicycles or motorcycles and start using cleaner, lithium batteries. Cargo ebikes is the better choice. Ecargo is easier to start than common bicycle, and it can run faster than commonones as well, when it climbs up the slope , it can save your energy by 20% to 30%. 

Otkargo is the best assitant for family short distance traveling.

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