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2021 Otkargo changed our life

Akoko: 2021-08-04 Deba: 1

In recent years, power assisted bikes has growing market in Europe now. E-Mobility effects peoples` daily life, commute transportation,leisure Sports, competitions to commercial use. It shows up everywhere.

Power assisted bikes are more popular in this 2021 Shanghai bicycle exhibition. From e-MTB、e-Road、e-City、e-Folding、e-SUV、e-Cargo to e-Scooter,various kinds of ebikes come out and attract many purchasers from all over the world.Many high-tech industries  also invest in the research and development of electric moped and key components such as motor battery controller, which will help the products become more mature, diversified and humanized and intelligent.

Besides sporty electric bicycles,cargo ebikes have more functions such as goods delivery and carrying babies. The increasing capability makes ecargo buyers more choices.

Otkargo max loading capabily reaches to 150KG which has been proved that three Otkargo stuff standing on it. Different versions make various needs satisfied. 750W version is the most popular product in 2021.Also the front loading box has two colors for customers to choose,classic black and original wooden color.Black ones give customers more space to DIY by themselves.

Otkargo changes your life and leave space for your creative!