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Cargo electric bikes are a serious alternative to small trucks

Akoko: 2021-09-26 Deba: 2

Cargo electric bikes are a serious alternative to small  trucks, especially in the center of big cities where you often have to go through limited traffic zones. Expenses 

and costs are lower than those of traditional solutions. It would be the perfect solution when you only need to deliver small and medium sized parcels in a small area.

Cargo ebikes and regular ebikes are considered bikes when the motor has a 250 Watts power and a maximum speed of 25 km/h (at least in Europe). If you 

have to transport very heavy loads you might think of getting a more powerful motor (especially if you have to go uphill often).

Otkargo M1 ati M2 ni awọn iru ọkọ ayọkẹlẹ 3 , 250w 500w ati 750w. Pẹlupẹlu Otkargo ni 750w batiri meji fun awọn iwulo ijinna pipẹ.

250w atilẹba ati boṣewa 500w jẹ 25 km / h eyiti o jẹ ẹdun pẹlu boṣewa Yuroopu. Pẹlu gbogbo awọn ibeere ti igbesi aye, 250w ati 500w ni o to lapapọ fun lilo ẹbi.

750w Pro and 750w Pro2  are 35 km/h for longer distance needs. Delivery man can choose the set depends on his daily job requirements. 750w Pro2 with dual-battery has 

further range which can be reach to 120Km-180Km.

Otkargo ebikes pade awọn aini oriṣiriṣi awọn oṣiṣẹ fun ifijiṣẹ ijinna kukuru.

You have to take these factors into considerations when thinking about cargo ebikes. When you have a more powerful motor your vehicle is not a regular bike anymore. 

In the eyes of the law, you own an electric moped and therefore need to register your vehicle, get an insurance and so on – again, this is valid in Europe, check our page 

on the law concerning ebikes to see what the regulations are in other countries.